10′ Steel Inter-Lock Telescopic Pole

Model #: 978380

Telescopic pole extends your reach up to 10 feet to accommodate most household cleaning tasks without a ladder. Features a unique non-skid, non-marking ball grip to rest your pole on wall without it falling to the ground. A rotating, large hang hole fits almost any hook. Includes a universal thread and press fit cone to attach to your household tools.

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  • u-steel-interlock-telepole
  • 10ft Steel Inter-Lock Telescopic Pole - Unger Poles
  • 10ft Steel Inter-Lock Telescopic Pole - Unger Poles
u-steel-interlock-telepole 10′ Steel Inter-Lock Telescopic Pole Model #: 978380 (3) Find a Retailer

Product Details

  • Extends reach up to 10 feet
  • Non-skid, non marking ball grip
  • Rotating, large hang hole
  • Universal thread and press fit cone to fit almost any attachment

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  • Swiftsardine

    Skill Level: pro
    September 29, 2016

    Finally found the one for me!

    I clean houses. I have wanted a lightweight, compact telescopic long extender duster for a long time. I wanted one that would extend far out enough to reach very high ceiling fans for my clients, but also size down to fit in my car (WHICH I LOVE NOT having a pole be shoved next to my face while I'm driving. This pole is secure, and the duster head that goes on it is very sturdy. (My old boss would buy wood pole that wouldn't telescope down, and the duster head would always fall off.) Finding this Unger pole and duster head was a perfect story for me finally going out on my own and getting what actually works for me. What a relief! AND to top it off.... I DIDN'T HAVE TO SPEND AN ARM AND A LEG to get it! This was the most affordable deal in the store and it is long enough to do what I need. $14.98 for the pole, duster head $6.98. $22 total. Worth it and it's tax deductable if you clean for an income.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • Carl
    Bay City, MI

    Skill Level: diy
    May 18, 2016

    Great purchase!

    Unger telescopic pole is just what I needed to clean my skylight. The pole twists very easy to extend. The first extender extends the pole to about 7 foot and the second twist extender extends the pole to 10 foot. It is light weight and a very sturdy pole, the end for the attachments accepts threaded ends or just slip on tools. I put a lot of pressure on pole extended to 10 foot when cleaning the sky light window, and did not bend. Very happy with this telescopic pole.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • fxp1
    New York NY

    Skill Level: diy
    August 30, 2016

    Handy extension pole

    The Unger 10ft Consumer Pole w/ Non-Slip Grip is a good utility pole for around the house. I've always used a spare broom pole for these projects which is not ideal. The problem is they are only one size and are either too short or too long banging into things. This pole solves that problem by being adjustable and goes from under six feet up to ten feet. It folds down to I'd say about five feet and is made of three sections that can all be extended up to ten feet. The pole is light weight aluminum and has friction locks for each section which you turn to set and loosen. The pole slides to any length. It has a rubber grip at one end with a big hole to easily store on a hook. I use it primarily for cleaning and painting. The pole is relatively stiff even in its full length which is good when you see how narrow and long it is extended. It does a good job cleaning off the front house awning where I need all ten feet. I tried it on the back kitchen window which is impossible to clean as its about eight feet off the ground and here again with a squeegee attached worked well and got all the corners. I have a hook attachment for poles and will be using it to hang my Christmas decorations up high instead of only using a ladder. The most use I get with an extension pole is for painting. I can screw on a roller adjust the height as I'm working without getting drips or paint on my hands. This alone is worth keeping it around. The thread is a standard plastic broom end. If you want a well made utility pole this is as good as they get at a reasonable price.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • 3 Reviews (Page 1 of 1)

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10′ Steel Inter-Lock Telescopic Pole


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