24″ Curved AquaDozer® MAX Smooth Surface Squeegee

Model #: 967600

Galvanized steel curved floor squeegee has a rounded hood with Maxwave™ Technology.  Moves 50% more water, slush, and debris with same effort than standard floor squeegees.  Resists harsh chemicals, oils, and acids and works best on smooth surfaces like asphalt and concrete floors.

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24″ Curved AquaDozer Max Smooth Surface Squeegee - Unger Cleaning
  • 24″ Curved AquaDozer Max Smooth Surface Squeegee - Unger Cleaning
  • 36" Curved Aquadozer Max Smooth Surface Squeegee - Unger Window Squeegees & Scrubbers
24″ Curved AquaDozer Max Smooth Surface Squeegee - Unger Cleaning 24″ Curved AquaDozer® MAX Smooth Surface Squeegee Model #: 967600 (5) Find a Retailer

Product Details

  • Curved hood with Maxwave™ Technology pushes 2x more water and debris than standard Unger 24” Floor Squeegee
  • Durable steel body for tough demands
  • Rubber blade cleans and dries floor
  • Ideal for flood clean-up
  • Use with dual end or tapered end pole
  • 24” wide

Product Reviews
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  • Joey
    Benton, Ar

    Skill Level: diy
    November 13, 2018

    super squeegee

    A very good product. Does a wonderful job moving water from floor. It is a shame that the company no longer makes a replacement rubber blade for it. Guess they can make more money selling complete unit than rubber strip.
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • Mark
    St Charles, IL

    Skill Level: diy
    February 14, 2016

    Awesome product for my ice rink

    This is a great product for squeeging my ice rink before I run the resurfacer over it. It is very well made and I like the curved surface since it doesn't leave a trail of snow off the side. My son loves to skate across the ice with it during hockey breaks to clean up the ice so the puck glides faster.
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • Antman

    Skill Level: diy
    August 26, 2015

    Easy Peasy Squeegee

    I needed a good squeegee for washing out my garage and patio and pushing water out. I ended up getting this curved AquaDozer squeegee and it has performed admirably. It pushes water without much effort and makes a good seal with different flooring surfaces, from tile to concrete. The curved design is actually an ingenious idea. At first I was skeptical but the curved blade actually helps channel the water to the center and not just spread out and spill over the edges. It does require a handle and a wood screw to secure it, so expect to spend an extra 5 or 10 bucks just so you can actually use the squeegee properly. But this squeegee is great and I recommend it. Pros: Durable, Sturdy, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • Rich
    Tampa, FL

    Skill Level: diy
    April 26, 2015

    One tough squeegee

    The AquaDozer Max floor squeegee moves a lot of water in a hurry. My two car garage floor was dry in about half the time it used to take with a sponge squeegee.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
    This person received free product to try for review purposes
  • Kitchenking
    San Antonio, TX

    Skill Level: diy
    January 8, 2016

    Better than a straight Squeegee!

    I've been using a straight 24" squeegee for about 2 years on my carport. Water pools (a lot!) with every rain as there are low spots in the concrete. This curved squeegee moved the same amount of water in about 1/2 the time. It really does move more water. The curve does not allow so much to escape as you push. The squeegee must be pushed at a lower angle than I'm comfortable with resulting in you being bent over quite a bit to push it, but... It works! It does not come with a handle, but I picked one up with a tapered end at Home Depot, stuck it in, added a wood screw to secure it and away we went! Very simple. Very heavy duty. It does the trick. Pros: Durable, Good Size & Weight, Sturdy Cons: need too low an angle to push it.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • 5 Reviews (Page 1 of 1)

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24″ Curved AquaDozer Max Smooth Surface Squeegee - Unger Cleaning

24″ Curved AquaDozer® MAX Smooth Surface Squeegee


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