A better way, but not perfect

A better way, but not perfect

First, here are some quick observations I have from my initial use:
The Scrubber holds too much liquid; it needs a wringer like on a mop to squeeze out the excess. After dipping it into the bucket it holds far too much solution and you must either wait until it quits running out or sling it so the water can spray out of it. Then after scrubbing the window, when you flip it over to the squeegee, it drips. I was tempted to squeeze it with my hand to get the extra solution out.
The Squeegee must be wiped with a cloth hand towel after each stroke in order to remove excess water or else it won’t remove it adequately and the panes remain wet.
The Threaded handle accepts wooden extenders used with paint rollers – very nice for reaching higher windows.
Both edges of the squeegee don’t make as good a contact as the middle part sometimes leaving about 1/4″ on each end with drips.
I put it to work in three different areas: my back door that has multiple 6″ wide mini panes; my front door’s 8″ wide sidelight; and my 36″ wide front storm door. The results were just fair for the back door where it left water along all the edges of each pane. The storm door proved to be too large of a surface for the squeegee to handle, leaving long streaks. In all fairness, get a wider squeegee for surfaces like that. The best performance was on the sidelight where it was mostly streak-free. It must be noted that it is essential that you use a cotton hand towel to wipe the squeegee after each stroke or it won’t dry the glass at all. I also would give each window a quick wipe with the towel in order to take care of any residual water left behind which was the case in all instances. All the windows wound up clean but using this tool was not as easy as I hoped it would be. It’s a lot better than using sponges and towels, and I do recommend it over that, but it’s not perfect.

Pros: Good Size & Weight
Cons: scrubber holds too much solution, must wipe squeegee after each stroke

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