Good brush with soft bristles

Good brush with soft bristles

The Unger Waterflow Scrub Brush with Heavy Duty Soft Bristles and Rubber Squeegee is a good option if you need to wash your windows, siding, vehicle, deck, garage floor, etc. Its super-soft bristles won’t damage the surfaces you’re cleaning, and the rubber squeegee helps wipe the excess water away when you’re done.

Although this is a good product, there are two flaws that, if corrected, would greatly improve this Brush:
1) This Brush screws onto one of several Unger Waterflow poles (I have the 4′ Waterflow Pole with Shut-off Valve), but, as I use the Brush, it tends to loosen itself because the threads aren’t quite long enough.
2) The water coming out of the Waterflow pole shoots straight out the center of this Brush (see attached photo). It would be great if the brush had a water dispersion feature so that water flowed evenly out of not just the center but also the sides of the Brush.

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