Handy pole for cleaning around the house

Handy pole for cleaning around the house

The Unger 4 ft. Waterflow Pole with Shut-off Valve is best used with a Waterflow brush that attaches to the end. The other end is attached to a water hose and the pole has an on/off switch that is removable. The 4 ft. length allows you to reach farther than the hose alone and the brush adds scrubbing action to get the job done. I have two Waterflow brushes one a stiff yellow one for scrubbing floors, decks and brickwork and a new blue one with soft bristles for cars and around the outside of the house The pole is light weight aluminum with plastic fittings. The on/off switch did leak a bit at the connection and refitting the washer helped. Finally, it can be used without attaching it to a hose as an extension pole and has a standard broom thread. It is well made and should hold up nicely over time.

Pros: Durable, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight

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