Just what I needed

Just what I needed

I just bought a Spanish Colonial home with 6 sliding glass doors PLUS 11 windows that are 6×7 feet. That’s a lot of glass. When I saw this item, I knew I had to try it. How else can I reach to clean all these windows? I also got the telescoping handle that screws into this squeegee. They are both nicely made and easy to put together. They work well too. The rubber gets all the water off the window on the first attempt. I had an easy job wiping the blade with a chamois cloth. Its lightweight so you don’t get as tired as fast too. I recommend this to anyone with huge windows to clean. I also liked the fact that it swivels so I can use it on the arch at the top of the window since 8 have a Read More

Pros: Durable, Good Size & Weight, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Looks Great, Nice Design, Easy to Clean, High Quality

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