Love the large size

Love the large size

This Professional Unger blade is fantastic, larger than most and works like a charm. I used it first on my glass fireplace. I sprayed it with a light glass solution and then used the blade. It scraped the soot off easily and fast without the fumes from spray cleaners. I also used it to clean some burned on residue from off my glass stove top. First, I sprayed a light mist of kitchen cleaner on it and scraped it off. The large size makes for quick and easy work. It left nothing behind and made no scratches. Then, I used it on a couple windows where I had the painted trim and left a few little splatters behind. I sprayed a little water on the windows and scraped them off with no problems. It has a nice safety guide that closes over the blade so I don’t have to worry about unwanted cuts. It also has a couple of no-slip grips on it to keep your hand steady. I’ll be getting some replacement blades and using this on a regular basis. It’s a handy blade to have around.

Pros: Durable, Good Size & Weight, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Nice Design, High Quality

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