A Powerful, Professional Scraper

A Powerful, Professional Scraper

This window scraper is definitely made for the big, tough jobs. It has a large, wide, blade that will scrape massive quantities of sticky residue from any glass surface. I would NOT use this on plastic or any other surface, though – just glass. It works much better than the average razor blade models you can buy just about anywhere, though. Probably just the quality of the blades themselves. It has an odd arrangement with the blade staying fixed and a button that moves the sheath over the blade to cover it, or back up into the handle to expose the blade for scraping. When the blade is covered, it isn’t always apparent, and you can still cut yourself on the sharp edges, especially the corners. Overall, satisfied, but with a few shortcomings I’d factor in.

Pros: Good Size & Weight, Easy to Use, does the job well
Cons: No Instructions, Not Durable, blade cover seems flimsy

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