Works just perfect for our needs

Works just perfect for our needs

We have high & low ceilings and 6 ceiling fans & this Micro fiber Fan Blade duster is very handy. Cleans well and fast and cover is fairly easily removed to throw in washing machine. I rated 4 stars overall and good for the value because unless you buy the kit or the handle separately it will not have a handle. We used a carpet rake that had a long rubber tip on the handle. Twisted it on and dusted away. You have to develop a knack to get it over the blade and not push the blade away. By far the easiest is to start from the outside tip of blade and dust towards the motor – but this will push any loose dust & debris towards the motor housing and it could get in the motor. Another way is to angle the open end onto the forward inside edge of blade on the motor end and run along blade at an angle.
The little micro fiber octopus legs will even get a textured blade dusted. You can use it damp if need be and just rinse the cover out in water.

Pros: Easy to Remove, Easy to Use, High Quality, Effective

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