Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Model #: 978890
Everything You Need for a Clean Bathroom

This Unger bathroom cleaning kit is ideal for cleaning all the bathrooms in your home. Its compact size is great for apartments and dorms too.  The included 2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber features V-shaped bristles for deep grout cleaning and a corner cleaning brush head for 360 degree cleaning.  The non-slip Shower Squeegee will give you a streak-free shine on tiles, mirrors, and shower doors.  The two Glass & Mirror Microfiber Cloths are great for absorbing excess water and for touching-up. Plus, each microfiber cloth is reusable and machine washable up to 100 times. The included 2.5-gallon bucket not only holds your cleaning solution while you work, it also fits easily under sinks, so you have a discrete place to hold all your cleaning tools.

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  • Unger grout scrubbing brush for cleaning - Unger scrubbers
  • Corner grout scrubbing brush - Unger scrubbers
  • 10in Shower Squeegee - Unger Window Squeegees & Scrubbers
  • Microfiber Glass & Mirror Cloths (2-Pack) - Unger Cloths
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Product Details

  • Includes 2-in-1 Grout and Corner Scrubber, 12" shower squeegee, 2 glass and mirror microfiber cloths, and bucket - Everything you need for a clean bathroom
  • Grout and Corner brush has V-shaped bristles for deep grout cleaning and a corner cleaning brush head for 360 degree cleaning
  • The microfiber cloths provide maximum cleaning performance while being machine washable up to 100 times
  • Non-slip shower squeegee makes cleaning tiles, mirrors, and shower doors easy
  • An easy-to-use starter kit that offers great value versus purchasing each item separately

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Bathroom Cleaning Kit


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