Cleaning Tool Storage

To create more room and organize your closets and garage, cleaning tool organizers are a necessary addition to any home. Wall mounted cleaning tool organizers are a great way to get your dusters, brooms, mops, poles, and maintenance tools off the floor and out of the way. Improve efficiency and productivity by reducing clutter on the floor and making it easier to find the tool you need, when you need it.

Storage Made Easy

The Unger Professional™ Hang-Up 5-Bracket Organizer helps you organize your cleaning and maintenance tools in one place. Rubber brackets can be adjusted to fit tools of various sizes and is constructed with heavy duty aluminum for heavier tools. Tools are easy to access with the quick release mechanism to snap handles in and out. The Hang-Up 5 Bracket Organizer is easy to install, just screw into your wall studs.

Tool storage Throughout the House

Closets, laundry rooms, pantries, and garages are common areas where cleaning tool storage is needed. Use the Unger Professional Hang-Up 5 Bracket Organizer any place you need to keep tools off the ground. It also makes your tools easier to find when you need them. For longer walls, you can mount multiple cleaning tool organizers side by side or even stack vertically if suitable.

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