Cleaning Products for Electronics

Removing Damaging Dust from Electronics

Electronics attracts dust like a magnet, so it’s important to dust often. Dust will settle and thicken on electronics and can block important components like vents and fans that are crucial to the proper functioning of the device. Excess dust can also cause problems with your electronics’ sound and picture quality. A microfiber duster is a safe way to lift and clean dust from electronic surfaces like laptops and TVs.

Use the Right Tool

Our best tool to clean your large electronics safely and easily is the Unger® Microfiber Power Duster. This duster has a microfiber sleeve that attracts and holds dust. Traditional dusters, such as ostrich and wool, just push the dirt and dust around. According to independent laboratory testing, microfiber picks up 99% of dust, dirt and bacteria that the naked eye can’t see. The removable microfiber sleeve cleans effectively without chemicals and is machine washable.

Cleaning LCD Screens

Never use a paper towel, or anything else paper-based, to clean your LCD screens. They can scratch the surface very easily and damage your expensive electronics. A microfiber duster will not scratch the surface and is therefore a safer solution for electronics.

For TVs and touch screen devices with more build up than just dust, a microfiber cloth is necessary to clean it without scratching. You can remove most sediment without water or cleaning solution. But if cleaning solution is needed, spray it directly on the microfiber cloth, not the device.

Dusting Delicate Electronics

Smaller, more delicate electronic items should be dusted with the Unger Microfiber Delicate Duster.  Its fingers clean around small objects quickly and easily. Similar to the Power Duster, its head is removable to wash in between dusting.

Mobile Phone Cleaning

A study by Stanford University students found that mobile phones are 18 times dirtier than toilet handles. This isn’t surprising considering all the places you take your phone. Regularly wipe down your phone with a microfiber cloth to pick up dirt and bacteria.

For more cleaning tips, visit our Resources page.

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