High Access Cleaning Poles

High-access cleaning made safer and easier.  Wherever there is a need for extended reach, we have a pole that will meet your needs. As part of the Unger® patented Connect & Clean System™, many of our cleaning tools can be attached to an extendable reaching pole for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas without a ladder.  When you attach an Unger squeegee, scrubber, duster, or brush to one of our telescopic poles, you can clean faster than cleaning with a handheld tool and ladder.

Connect & Clean System

Our Universal Telescopic Poles feature our Connect & Clean System. They have a locking cone and outer cuff adjustment to lock in place, providing safe and flexible solutions for professionals and DIYers alike. The Unger Professional™ Dual-End Pole is our most versatile pole. Both ends have threads and cones which adapt to almost all attachments, making it the last pole you’ll ever need.

Unger Telescopic Poles range in reach from 3 feet to 20 feet so that you can find the perfect pole for the cleaning task. Aluminum construction ensures that poles are lightweight to ease strain during longer cleaning jobs.

Cleaning with Water Flow

For those tasks that require water flow, the Unger Professional HydroPower™ Pole is the best tool for the job. The HydroPower pole provides extra cleaning power by giving you the ability to use soap and water for your tough cleaning tasks. It attaches to universal threaded hoses and water flow brushes for all purpose cleaning. Our HydroPower Pole features aluminum construction so it is lightweight and includes a shut off valve to control water consumption when not in use. From decks, windows, aluminum siding and even automobiles, the Unger Professional HydroPower Pole has many uses.

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