Bulb Changing

High-Access Bulb Changing Made Safer and Easier

To easily change hard to reach light bulbs, use an Unger Professional™ light bulb changer and telescopic pole to eliminate the need for a dangerous ladder. You can stand safely on the ground while changing most types of bulbs, including track lighting, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), and flood lights. Our telescopic poles range from 4ft to 20ft to reach the highest bulbs both inside and outside.

Use the Right Tool

For most incandescent and CFL bulbs, you can use the Unger Professional Light Bulb Changer to safely remove the bulb. The rubber fingers wrap around and grip the light bulb, making it easy to remove and replace with a new one.

The Right Tool for the Job

For changing flood lights and other flat bulbs, you need a bulb changer specifically designed for the task. The Unger Professional Flood Light Bulb Changer features suction cups to attach to the head of these types of bulbs. You can safely remove and replace your flood lights both indoors and outdoors with this bulb changer.

The Unger Professional Recessed & Track Light Bulb Changer also contains suction cups in order to remove and replace these specific types of bulbs. Never try to use a CFL bulb changer for recessed or track lighting because it might damage the housing that holds the bulb.

Remove broken bulbs safely and easily with the Unger Professional Broken Bulb Changer. It’s fully insulated to protect against electrical shock. As an extra safety feature, our broken bulb changer includes a glass catcher to protect against falling glass.

Take Proper Safety Precautions

When changing a light bulb, it is recommended to wear gloves and eye protection as a precaution. This will prevent injury if the bulb accidentally breaks in the process of changing it. Always turn off the electrical breaker and allow lamps to cool before attempting to change a bulb. Before using a light bulb changing device, use a dry cloth to remove dust from the bulb and your device. Then, follow the instructions of your device to correctly remove and replace the bulb. Before taking off gloves and safety glasses, check that the bulb turns on when power is restored.

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