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How to Hand Wash your Car

Regularly washing your car or RV keeps it safe from damaging elements such as dirt, salt, and bird droppings. When it comes to hand washing your car, never use dish detergent. It will clean dirt from your car but it will also remove any protective layers of wax that are on the vehicle. Instead, use a car wash solution to clean and safeguard the finish of your car.

Start with the Right Tools

To clean your car, you will need a car wash solution, large bucket, auto squeegee, window cleaner, water flow pole and a good car wash brush like the Unger Professional 9” Water Flow Wash Brush. Using the car wash brush with the Unger Professional HydroPower Pole will allow you to clean hard to reach areas like the top of your car or RV without a ladder. You should also have access to a garden hose in order to rinse off the cleaning solution.

Easy Car Washing

Using the car wash brush and pole, wash the exteriors of the car with the car wash solution. Clean the windows of your car last with window cleaner and an auto squeegee. For hard to reach windows, like on an RV, the Unger Professional 10″ Water Flow SoftBrush™ with squeegee is a good option because it has a squeegee on one side.

To clean your headlights, use the same window cleaner that you used for your windshield and rub clean with a microfiber cloth.

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