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Model #: 975470

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Product Details

Upgrade your wash with the Rinse 'n' Go Max.  The high capacity of Rinse 'n' Go Max allows you to clean multiple vehicles without changing the resin, delivering spot-free results in less time. The water-fed pole and soft-bristle brush also allow you to reach difficult locations, including the roof of an SUV, boat windshields, and high panels of an RV. You may also want to use this on other surfaces, such as siding or solar panels.

  • High-capacity Rinse 'n' Go Max Requires Fewer Resin-bag Changeovers
  • Deionization Removes Minerals and Contaminants for a Spotless and Streak-free Result
  • Can be Used for RV’s, Motorcycles, Windows, Solar Panels, and More
  • System Includes: MAX Deionization Unit, 1 Resin Filters, 8' Hose, 48" Water-fed Pole, Soft-Bristle Brush

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Rinse ‘n’ Go MAX


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