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Safely and Easily Clean Ceiling Fans

Cleaning your ceiling fan regularly prevents dust and allergens from circulating in the air when the fan is turned on. Ceiling fan blades are a common host for dust and dust mites, which can spread throughout the room and onto surfaces such as bedding and carpets as the fan rotates. Cleaning a ceiling fan is a very easy task, and doesn’t require a ladder.

Use the Right Tool

The best tool to clean ceiling fans safely and easily is the Unger®  Ceiling Fan Duster. It features a patented c-shape that curves around the ceiling fan blade to clean both the bottom and top at the same time. This duster cleans all sizes of ceiling fan blades, even wide decorative fan blades.

The Unger Ceiling Fan Duster has a microfiber sleeve that attracts and holds dust like a magnet. Traditional dusters, such as ostrich and wool, just push the dirt and dust around and onto the surfaces below the fan. According to independent laboratory testing, microfiber picks up 99% of dust, dirt and bacteria that the naked eye can’t see. The removable microfiber sleeve cleans effectively without chemicals and is machine washable.

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High-Access Cleaning

No matter how high the ceiling fan, you can clean it by attaching it to an Unger Telescopic Pole. As part of Unger’s patented Connect & Clean System™, many Unger cleaning tools can be attached to a telescopic pole for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas without a ladder. When you attach an Unger duster to one of our telescopic poles, you can clean faster than cleaning with a handheld tool and ladder. This is one of the ways that Unger makes the cleaning experience cleaner, faster, and safer.

If you use your ceiling fan all year, it is recommended to clean it every other month. If you only use it seasonally, you should clean it at the beginning and end of the fan season.

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