Window Squeegees & Scrubbers

With more than 50 years of experience, Unger® is an industry leader with innovative window cleaning solutions designed to help make cleaning easier, faster, and safer. No matter how high or how grimy, windows come clean using our Unger window cleaning tools.

Unger Window Squeegees

From durability, to the highest quality rubber and ergonomic grips, our squeegees are superior and produce streak free results. The key to clean windows is using the squeegee correctly. To learn the proper technique for window cleaning, visit our resources section.

Unger Window Scrubbers

Unger Scrubbers feature a microfiber sleeve, designed to absorb 6x its weight in water and maximize scrubbing power. Just wet the sleeve with soap and water and scrub your windows. If you prefer to clean without chemicals, you can use the scrubber with water alone. The microfiber sleeve is easily removable, so that you can clean it in the washing machine for up to 500 cycles.

2-in-1 Window Cleaning

For even faster results, our Microfiber Combi is a squeegee and scrubber to wash windows with one tool. The microfiber scrubber wets and cleans the window while the window squeegee on the reverse side will remove excess water to dry your windows faster.

High-Access Cleaning

As part of Unger’s patented Connect & Clean System™, our scrubbers, squeegees, and combis fit securely on our telescopic poles for hard-to-reach window cleaning without a ladder. You can clean faster than cleaning with a handheld tool and ladder. This is one of the ways that Unger makes the window cleaning experience cleaner, faster, and safer.

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