Water Flow Cleaning Tools

Wash and scrub at the same time with Unger Professional™ water flow brushes and poles. Water flow cleaning tools are best for removing tough dirt and grime from surfaces such as windows, floors, decks, siding, automobiles and boats. Unger Professional has a wide selection of water flow brushes that provide extra cleaning power by giving you the ability to use soap and water for your tough cleaning tasks.

Water Flow Brushes

All water flow scrub brushes are not created equal. The new Unger Professional Outdoor Scrub Brush is our best tool for cleaning decks and areas with corners. Our unique Outdoor Scrub Brush has bristles on all four sides, making stairs and corners easy to clean while extending the life of the brush. This brush can be used as a handheld tool or with a pole for extended reach. When used with the Unger Professional HydroPower Pole, dirt is no match.

The Unger Professional 9” Water Flow Wash Brush is a soft bristled scrub brush that powerfully cleans dirt and grime from decks, siding, cars, and light trucks without scratching. A protective bumper helps prevent damage while cleaning.

Unger Professional 10" Water Flow Soft Brush with squeegee is ideal for cleaning cars, boats, patios and around the exterior of the home. Its super soft bristles are great for cleaning while the squeegee helps remove water.

To clean tough messes and under equipment, the hard bristles of Unger Professional Bi-Level Scrub Brush is the right tool for the job. Its bi-level design offers multiple angles for aggressive cleaning action that can’t be beat.

High-Access Cleaning

To extend your reach and access hard-to-reach areas without a ladder, all Unger Professional water flow brushes can be attached to our HydroPower™ Pole. The Unger Professional HydroPower Pole attaches to universal threaded hoses and water flow brushes for all purpose cleaning. Featuring aluminum construction, it’s lightweight to reduce fatigue when cleaning high areas. When not in use, a shut off valve allows you to control water consumption.

No matter the job, we have the water flow cleaning tool to help you get it done cleaner, faster and safer.

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