Floor Squeegees

When it comes to floor cleaning, Unger Professional™ sets the standard with premium quality floor squeegees for all surfaces. Floor squeegees are ideal for moving large volumes of water or debris and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as asphalt, tile, concrete, and linoleum. They are commonly used for both residential and commercial tasks when there is a lot of surface area to clean and dry.

Our Best Floor Squeegee

Unger Professional is changing floor cleaning with the introduction of our new Aquadozer® Max line of floor squeegees. With new Maxwave Technology™, Aquadozer Max moves more water and debris than its predecessor models. Constructed of durable steel and a strong rubber blade, this squeegee can withstand the toughest jobs.

Selecting the Right Floor Squeegee

Unger Professional has a range of foam squeegees which are best for uneven surfaces because the soft foam rubber blade can adjust to the cleaning surface.   Our range of rubber squeegees is best for smoother surfaces. Depending on the application, straight squeegees are better for moving large volumes while curved squeegees are better for moving substances in a particular direction, such as towards a drain. The larger the blade, the more water and debris you can move and the faster you can complete your job.

How to use a Floor Squeegee

To effectively move water and debris, pull (don’t push) the squeegee for best results. Begin at the edge, moving the liquid and debris towards a drain.  If there isn’t a drain within the area, move the liquid and debris into a pool so that you can then use a bucket and dust pan for removal. Continually tap squeegee to remove excess liquid or dirt. For more tips on flood clean up and floor cleaning, visit our Professional Cleaning Tips page.

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