Window Cleaning

How to Clean Windows

Windows should be washed twice a year, but it’s a task that many people think they can’t do on their own. One reason that homeowners think it is so difficult to wash windows is because they don’t have the right tools, often using paper towels and spray cleaner which is very labor intensive and can make cleaning high windows dangerous if they are able to reach them with a ladder.

Clean Windows Easier, Faster, and Safer

You can clean windows easier, faster, and safer when you use the right tools. Unger Professional™ has a full line of ergonomically designed window squeegees and scrubbers that are available at many retail stores nationwide. As part of Unger’s patented Connect & Clean System™, all window scrubbers and squeegees fit securely on our telescopic poles for hard-to-reach window cleaning without a ladder.  This is one of the ways that Unger Professional makes the window cleaning experience cleaner, faster, and safer.

With more than 50 years of experience, Unger® is an industry leader with innovative cleaning solutions to accomplish your window cleaning tasks – indoors, outdoors, high access and even odd-shaped windows. Our squeegees and scrubbers range in size from 6” for smaller windows to 18” for larger windows.

How to Clean Large Windows

No matter how high or how grimy, windows come clean using our Unger Professional window cleaning tools. To clean large windows, follow the instructions below:

  1. Place the scrubber on a pole and wet the upper part of the window horizontally along the top.  Then scrub using up and down strokes.
  2. Place the squeegee in the top upper corner of the window, against the moulding.
  3. Tilt one edge of the squeegee down slightly and start your downward stroke.
  4. Maintaining the squeegee in the tilted position, pull the squeegee down to shoulder height.
  5. At the bottom of each stroke, tap the squeegee against the remaining wet portion of the glass.
  6. Tilt the squeegee toward the remaining wet portion.  This prevents dripping on the cleaned area.
  7. Working along the entire window top, pull the squeegee down in a slightly diagonal direction.
  8. On the last down stroke, place the squeegee against the edge of moulding. Tilt the handle slightly toward the moulding and pull down.
  9. Hold the squeegee loosely and position the toll against the left vertical moulding, overlapping in to the dry portion of the window.
  10. Tilt the squeegee down slightly and pull across the width of the window.
  11. Tilt handle down slightly and squeegee across the window with the end of the squeegee rubber touching the moulding.
  12. As the squeegee nears the moulding, turn blade so the right edge touches the vertical moulding and complete the stroke against the bottom of the window.

For more information and videos on proper window cleaning technique, visit our Resources section.

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