Fast and Easy Dusting Solutions

Dusting is a necessary part of your cleaning routine. Dust can trigger allergies, make items look dingy and dirty, and cause scratching and damage to surfaces. It is important to dust electronics, furniture and high trafficked floors weekly to prevent buildup. Less trafficked areas and out of the way areas such as ceilings and corners can be dusted less frequently.

Benefits of Microfiber

To effectively dust, you need to use the right tool that won’t spread the dust back into the air. The Unger® range of microfiber dusters attract and hold dirt like a magnet so you’re not pushing dirt and dust around like with traditional dusters. According to independent laboratory testing, microfiber picks up 99% of dust, dirt and bacteria that the naked eye can’t see. Therefore, you don’t need to use chemicals, a common concern for people who have children or pets in the house.

High-Access Cleaning

Dust like a pro with Unger dusting solutions. Unger has innovative dusting tools that remove dust from ceiling to floor. As part of Unger’s patented Connect & Clean System™, many Unger cleaning tools can be attached to a telescopic pole for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas without a ladder. When you attach an Unger duster to one of our telescopic poles, you can clean faster than cleaning with a handheld tool and ladder.

Power Dusting

To clean large, hard-to-reach areas such as corners, crown molding, stair railings, and bookshelves, the Unger Professional™ Microfiber Power Duster is the perfect dusting solution. For dusting, always use a dry microfiber duster. For cleaning, you can wet the surface or duster.

Ceiling Fan Dusting

If not cleaned regularly, ceiling fans can push more dust and allergens into the air, especially if they haven’t been turned on in awhile. The Unger Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster features a patented c-shape that cleans all sizes of ceiling fan blades, even wide decorative fan blades. Regular dusting can improve air quality.

Delicate Dusting

Dusting small, delicate objects often make the task a much longer chore than it actually is when you don’t have the right dusting tool. The Unger Microfiber Delicate Duster™ has long fingers that clean around small objects easily, speeding up the task.

Reduce Dust from Entering Home

There are some steps that you can take to reduce dust and therefore minimize the amount of time you spend dusting. The first is to place a mat at all doorways from the outside to capture dirt and dust from shoes as people enter the building. Next, check and maintain your air filters so that they are not clogged with dirt and debris. If you have pets, brush them often as pet dander is a very common dust found inside homes. Lastly, keeping windows and doors closed prevents dust and debris from flowing into your home or building.

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