Trash Pickup

Safe Pick-up and Removal of Trash

For no touch hygienic pickup and disposal of trash, you need the right reaching tool. The Unger Professional™ Nifty Nabber is the #1 reaching tool in the US. As America’s favorite grabber tool, the Nifty Nabber extends your reach for items high and low, making it the perfect tool for picking up trash. Whether picking up garbage from the lawn, side of the road, or outside a building, this tool will make the job faster, easier and safer.


Use the Right Tool

The Unger Professional Nifty Nabber is a lightweight, but sturdy reaching tool. With powerful claws that grip small, large, and odd-shaped items with ease.  As an added benefit, a built in magnet allows you to pick up items like nails and coins. Ranging in length from 32” to 48”, our reachers make trash pickup easier and faster.

Pick up Trash with Ease

A grabber tool can pick up trash, recyclables, broken glass, and sharp objects with ease. You no longer need to bend down to pick up items, but instead use the claws of the Nifty Nabber to grab items and dispose of them correctly. The lightweight, aluminum shaft is designed to decrease fatigue.

Our longer Nifty Nabber is ideal for picking up trash from vehicles such as golf carts and tractors. The Unger Professional 48" Nifty Nabber allows you to stay comfortable in your seat while reaching for items on the ground without strain. The grip is designed specifically for picking up items low to the ground for long periods of time.

Versatile Grabbing Tool

The Unger Professional Nifty Nabber is a versatile grabbing tool that can be used for more than just picking up trash. It is commonly used for everyday troubles like reaching for socks that fall between the washer and dryer, keys that fall behind the couch, or items from high cabinets. This is also what makes our Nifty Nabber an invaluable tool for those who have mobility impairments.

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