Cookware & Bakeware Brush

Model #: 979860

Easily clean baked-on food and tough messes without risk of scratching your bakeware and cookware. The v-shaped nose gets into corners and edges to make cleaning easier and faster. The unique shape of this brush also makes it a great scrubber for other areas of the house.

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  • Cookware brush_1000
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Cookware brush_1000 Cookware & Bakeware Brush Model #: 979860 (0) Find a Retailer

Product Details

  • Tough scrubbing of pots, pans, baking dishes and other cookware
  • V-shaped bristles get into corners of baking dishes and hard to clean cookware
  • Scraper removes baked on food
  • Non-slip grip, even when wet
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Cookware brush_1000

Cookware & Bakeware Brush


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