EZ-Reach Shower Brush

Model #: 979600

The Unger EZ Reach Shower Tub & Tile Scrub Brush features durable bristles that are hard enough to remove dirt and grime, yet soft enough to not scratch surfaces. The angled bristles can scrub around shower fixtures and drains for a deeper clean around hard-to-reach areas. Designed with a long handle, this bathroom scrubber makes it easy to clean high and low, minimizing the need to strain while reaching and bending. Comfortably clean tile, grout, and marble with this unique long-handled brush. This cleaning tool contains a hanging hole to easily hang and store away when not in use.

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Product Details

  • Features an extra large handle and angled bristles to scrub your shower and tub without reaching or bending
  • Made with durable stiff angled bristles that can scrub around fixtures and drains to clean more thoroughly without scratching
  • A hanging hole on the handle of the brush makes it easy to hang and store this scrub brush when not in use.
  • Easy high and low cleaning and will help you comfortably clean fixtures and surfaces including tile, grout, and marble, or just around the kitchen or bathroom
  • Unger is the choice for the homeowner who appreciates quality and performance. From the kitchen to the bathroom to your family room, we have the right cleaning tool for the job.

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EZ-Reach Shower Brush


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