Rinse ‘n’ Go

Model #: 975410

For a spot-free, streak-free shine, the secret is not the soap, it’s the water.  Car washes use special purified water that prevents hard water and additives from leaving spots and streaks.  Now that same technology used in professional car washes is available for use at home.

Rinse ‘n’ Go uses water de-ionization technology for spot-free results.  The system removes minerals, salts, and contaminants from your homes regular tap water.  The result is 100% totally pure water to wash and rinse your car.  Get spot free results every time you wash your car, with no need to hand dry, no need to squeegee, no need to blow dry.  Just wash like normal and rinse with the pure water of Unger’s Rinse ‘n’ Go and you’re done


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Product Details


  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Spotless results every time you wash your car. No need to hand dry, just wash, rinse, and go!
  • System takes tap water from your house and removes all minerals and contaminants, a process called deionization
  • Deionized water is so pure, it will dry without leaving spots or streaks
  • Lightweight and compact design lets you bring the Rinse ‘N Go anywhere there is a water supply
  • Also great for RV’s, motorcycles, windows, solar panels, and more

Kit Includes:

  • Rinse ‘n’ Go Water Deionization Unit
  • 2 Resin Filters
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter
  • Soap Blasting Car Wash Nozzle
  • 8’ Hose

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