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How to Clean Outdoor Windows

No matter how high or how grimy, windows come clean using our Unger Professional™ window cleaning tools.  Different windows require different cleaning techniques.  Watch the video below to learn the correct way to clean your windows from the professionals at Unger.

How to Clean Large Windows

Window Cleaning Step 1Windows should be washed twice a year, but it’s a task that many people think they can’t do on their own. One reason that homeowners think it is so difficult to wash windows is because they don’t have the right tools.  You can clean windows easier, faster, and safer when you use the right tools. Unger Professional has a full line of ergonomically designed window squeegees and scrubbers that are available at many retail stores nationwide. As part of Unger’s patented Connect & Clean System™, all window scrubbers and squeegees fit securely on our telescopic poles for hard-to-reach window cleaning without a ladder.


Once you have the right tools, you need to use them correctly.  There is a simple way to clean large windows without leaving streaks behind.  Click here for an infographic that will help you learn how to clean large windows.

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