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  • VW
    Athena, OR

    Skill Level: diy

    Cobweb & Corner Duster™

    Rating: September 4, 2017

    Especially good over uneven surfaces

    Our old house has tall ceilings and odd protuberances around it. This duster gets the dust and the cobwebs without snagging itself. Easy to clean too!
    Review Source: Unger
  • Nanette
    Pass Christian, MS

    Skill Level: other

    Extendable Wool Duster

    Rating: October 4, 2016

    Great Little Duster

    This duster really picks up the dust. It does not throw the dust into the air like most dusters. It reaches all places in my house even the ceiling fans and tops of bookcases. Just shake it out to clean and wash it if necessary. Great product.....I purchased 2 so I would have one for my second home. I love it.
    Review Source: Ace Hardware
  • Swiftsardine

    Skill Level: pro

    10' Steel Inter-Lock Telescopic Pole

    Rating: September 29, 2016

    Finally found the one for me!

    I clean houses. I have wanted a lightweight, compact telescopic long extender duster for a long time. I wanted one that would extend far out enough to reach very high ceiling fans for my clients, but also size down to fit in my car (WHICH I LOVE NOT having a pole be shoved next to my face while I'm driving. This pole is secure, and the duster head that goes on it is very sturdy. (My old boss would buy wood pole that wouldn't telescope down, and the duster head would always fall off.) Finding this Unger pole and duster head was a perfect story for me finally going out on my own and getting what actually works for me. What a relief! AND to top it off.... I DIDN'T HAVE TO SPEND AN ARM AND A LEG to get it! This was the most affordable deal in the store and it is long enough to do what I need. $14.98 for the pole, duster head $6.98. $22 total. Worth it and it's tax deductable if you clean for an income.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • Sam

    Skill Level: other

    36" Nifty Nabber®

    Rating: September 27, 2016

    Lightweight, works great!

    I bought this to pick up shattered glass on my driveway. Good grip, no need to bend to pickup trash objects.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • Golfing Grandma

    Skill Level: diy

    SpeedClean Indoor Window Cleaner

    Rating: September 6, 2016

    Good cleaning tool

    Cleaning windows is always a pain so anything that eases the process is a great thing. This new indoor window cleaning tool does a good job of cleaning my windows without a time consuming use of paper towel after paper towel. I do need to "polish" them some to make sure the streaks are completely gone but still a good addition to my window cleaning products.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • Golfing Grandma

    Skill Level: diy

    SpeedClean Indoor Window Replacement Pad

    Rating: September 6, 2016

    Good replacement pads

    I have a large amount of Windows in my house so having a tool to keep my windows looking clean is essential. These replacement pads work perfectly on the indoor cleaning tool and make quick work of cleaning the insides of the windows. They are pretty absorbent and do a decent job overall. I have had to wipe down the glass some to get rid of a few streaks but having this reusable pad is so much more convenient and cost efficient than the rolls of paper towels I've used in the past.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
    New York, NY

    Skill Level: other

    Grabber Plus

    Rating: September 5, 2016

    Life Saver

    This item worked very well while I was recovering from an injured back. Very easy to use, it can pick up even very small items securely. The grabber part is conveniently adjustable. This product is well made and excellent for retrieving items that have fallen out of reach under furniture or items on a high shelf. It's a life saver for anyone who is in pain or having trouble bending down. Very satisfied.
    Review Source: Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Bcsp

    Skill Level: diy

    EasyGlide™ Glass Cleaner - 32oz.

    Rating: August 30, 2016

    Window cleaner

    This is the best window cleaner I have ever used in my life. I would recommend it to everyone I see. Pros: Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, High Quality
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • JSINBradenton
    Bradenton, FL

    Skill Level: diy

    10" Shower Squeegee

    Rating: August 23, 2016


    Excellent squeegee for a low cost. Easy to use. Comes with a mounting hook.
    Review Source: The Home Depot
  • Z Man
    Watertown, MA

    Skill Level: diy

    Hang-Up 5-Bracket Organizer

    Rating: August 10, 2016

    Hang-Up 5-Bracket Organizer 964770

    I've had a 5 bracket hang up organizer for a few years. The rubber slings on the brackets which hold the mop/broom handles have been recently failing. I was going to buy replacement brackets, so I checked the Unger website and discovered that Unger guaranteed their products for life. I called customer service and described my problem. They said they have a new manufacturer for the rubber slings, so they immediately put 5 replacement rubber slings in a padded envelope and mailed them to me by UPS. I received them the next day. It was an easy process to to replace the old slings with the new slings. This is the way a company should operate! Great customer service!
    Thanks, Unger.
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • 532 Reviews (Page 1 of 54)1 2 3 54
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