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  • YNS
    Chicago, Ill

    Skill Level: diy

    Click & Dust Flat Duster™

    Rating: March 5, 2019

    Why no replacement pads

    This duster is great at getting under the couch and refrigerator and anywhere else it is hard to dust. Also great for retrieving those toys the cats push into hard to get to places. But, why are there no replacement pads for purchase?
    Review Source: Unger
  • Wes
    Middletown, DE

    Skill Level: pro

    10″ HydroPower™ Bi-Level Soft Wash Brush

    Rating: December 13, 2018

    Best Brush for the Price

    I've been using this brush for years for my pressure washing company. I wash a fleet of trucks regularly and find this to be the best brush for the job. The bi-level really helps for making long sweeping motions; covering a large area.
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • Joey
    Benton, Ar

    Skill Level: diy

    24" Curved AquaDozer® MAX Smooth Surface Squeegee

    Rating: November 13, 2018

    super squeegee

    A very good product. Does a wonderful job moving water from floor. It is a shame that the company no longer makes a replacement rubber blade for it. Guess they can make more money selling complete unit than rubber strip.
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • GafferfrCanada
    Toronto Canada

    Skill Level: diy

    Dust & Shine Paddle Duster and Dusting Mitt

    Rating: October 23, 2018

    Great extension rods

    Good quality extension rods and many ways to use besides window cleaning, including indoor dusting etc.
    Review Source: Unger
  • Rifleman

    Skill Level: other

    Microfiber Glass & Mirror Cloths (2-Pack)

    Rating: September 25, 2018

    Streak free windows

    As a retired truck owner/operator & mechanic, clean inside glass & mirrors were my phobia. Guess I will have to find something else to worry about. These little cloths have left my windows & mirrors like I want them. Great product
    Age:71. Thanks
    Review Source: Unger
  • Mr. Phelps
    Grand Central Station New York

    Skill Level: pro

    12″ x 12″ General Surface Microfiber Cloth (4-Pack)

    Rating: September 17, 2018

    Mission impossible

    I have the task to clean several large plate glass doors in grand Central Station NY. After several failed attempts to clean the glass and have it streak free I decided to purchase the micro fiber cloths . After cleaning the glass and then finishing with a detailed wipe with the micro fiber cloths the results are extraordinary. Clean and crystal clear. Not only do the windows look brilliant but so does the store. Incredible product.
    Review Source: Unger
  • Works great the best one I've used I use it for my shower glass I need to find a small handel for it but not really necassary it fine likr it is.
    Ls Vegas Nevada

    Skill Level: other

    12″ Stainless Steel Squeegee with Bonus Rubber

    Rating: August 6, 2018

    Best Squeegee I've used

    Works great I use it for my bathroom shower glass I may put a short handle on it if they have them.
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • Coastal Cleaning of Amelia, LLC
    Fernandina Beach, Florida

    Skill Level: pro

    EasyGlide™ Glass Cleaner - 1 Gallon

    Rating: June 27, 2018

    Great Seashore Exterior Sliding Glass Cleaner

    We're a cleaning company that been in business for over 10 years in Fernandina Beach Florida. This product was recommended to us by a professional window cleaner. We love it. www.coastalcleaningofameila.com
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • Amazon
    Fernandina Beach, Florida

    Skill Level: diy

    EasyGlide™ Glass Cleaner - 1 Gallon

    Rating: June 27, 2018

    Amazon Reviews - No More Be Said

    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • Matt
    East Texas

    Skill Level: diy

    EasyGlide™ Glass Cleaner - 32oz.

    Rating: May 30, 2018

    where have you been all my life?

    Im 58 years old and have cleaned a whole lot of glass in my life. I tried this for the first time and it worked wonders. I was cleaning my truck windows inside and out in 90 degree weather and the windows came out perfect. Clean and no streaks, even in the heat of the day. I then went in the house and cleaned mirrors and windows in the house. Makes cleaning a breeze
    Review Source: Unger Professional
  • 553 Reviews (Page 1 of 56)1 2 3 56
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