Good Product

Good Product

The Unger 4 ft. Waterflow Pole with Shut-off Valve is a great accessory for my Unger Waterflow Scrub Brush (with Squeegee). Although it doesn’t extend like some of Unger’s more expensive poles, this pole allows me to clean things that are just out of my reach and is also perfect for helping me clean my garage floor and deck (jobs for which the extending poles would not be suitable).

Water flows easily through the pole from a standard garden hose, and the on/off switch on the pole is a nice feature that gives me localized control over the water flow. The only slight issue with this feature is that, when the switch is set to off, the water pressure causes some water to spray out of the threaded connection (I think this is because the female threads on this pole aren’t quite long enough to fully cover the male threads coming out of the hose). I don’t consider this to be a big deal, though, since I tend to get wet when cleaning things (so what’s a little more water spray going to hurt)?

The pole is constructed from extremely lightweight aluminum and plastic. I recommend not throwing this pole around, though, because the lightweight feel makes me also think that the construction isn’t going to hold up to too much of a beating.

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