It Works!

It Works!

The bulb broke in my oven. I needed a tool that would reach into the recessed area. I didn’t know how this tool really worked, but I had an idea by looking at the design. The metal piece at the bottom is a spring clip with two buttons on the side that are designed to lock onto the pole. I didn’t buy the pole because this would be used in the oven.
This “wicked ” looking tool works! The plastic tray needs some effort to properly fit since it is designed to snugly fit onto the tool. However, it seemed to be blocking the prongs from grabbing the bulb base. It could have been an operator problem. So, I removed the tray.

There are slots that are necessary for assembly. It is possible that fine shards of glass could slip thru them. I suggest some tape to cover them (at the underside of the tray) once it is decided that the tool will work with the tray. The tape will have to be removed for disassembly and easier storage.

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