Soft brush for cleaning vehicles and around the outside of the house

Soft brush for cleaning vehicles and around the outside of the house

The Unger 10 in. Waterflow Multi-Purpose Brush with Rubber Bumper Guard Soft Bristle goes with the Waterflow pole for best results. The bristles are long synthetic material and the Wateflow pole allows water to feed into it. This makes it easier to wash outside around the house, cars or trucks. Its top edge has a bumper guard to protect what you are washing from getting banged. I use it for outside work on walls and siding because of my trees that needs to be frequently cleaned to prevent mold. The brush has soft bristles not for rough scrubbing so you need a light touch, but it does get the dirt out. The brush does a good job and without heavy pressure since its being fed by the pole’s water supply hooked up to a hose. Its much more effective than just using water pressure alone and uses less water, too. This is because you are not only using the water to clean, but also have some scrubbing action. Enough said, its good for its intended purpose and sure most will be using it for cleaning their vehicles.

Pros: Durable, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight

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